Delivering Turnkey Microgrid Solutions for Critical Energy Infrastructure Resiliency

We work with supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations, commercial and industrial property owners, real estate developers to provide Energy Reliability through Energy Independence.

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Become Energy Independent with an Onsite Electrical Microgrid

Local Supermarkets are a Critical Neighborhood Resource

Local Supermarkets are a Vital Neighborhood Resource

  • Customers rely on their neighborhood supermarket for basic human needs.
  • Fresh food, staples, bottled water, sometimes fuel for their vehicle.
  • When the lights go out, supermarkets provide a lifeline.

Hospitals Cannot Afford to Go Offline

As essential health care providers hospitals must:

  • Remain open during emergencies
  • Provide continuous 24-hour critical care
  • Invest in their own energy reliability
Hospitals Cannot Afford to Go Offline
Property Owners & Real Estate Developers

Property Owners & Real Estate Developers

  • Future proof your business
  • Be proactive by investing in your energy reliability
  • Protect your tenants and your buildings

Energy Unreliability is a Clear and Present Danger

Why are utilities no longer energy reliable?

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Increased volume of demand on the electrical grid
  • Stronger, more frequent storms
  • Pricing volatility
Energy Unreliability is a Clear and Present Danger
Why a Microgrid?

Why a Microgrid?

Ensure business continuity with backup power.
Provide ancillary power to the traditional grid.
Stabilize energy costs.
Maximize the potential of your real estate.
Reduce carbon footprint to align with sustainability efforts.

How Do Microgrids Work?

Microgrids use distributed energy sources – renewable solar, state-of-the-art battery storage, generators.
These sources are interconnected and monitored with smart technology to provide power redundancy.
During a regular day, the microgrid’s smart technology works in parallel with the utility.
When utility rates peak, microgrid smart technology optimizes energy sources to save money.
During power outages the microgrid automatically converts to island mode to ensure business continuity.

Why Install a Microgrid Now?

It’s time to future proof your business.
State and federal money to fund renewable energy initiatives is available.
Modernizing and upgrading electrical infrastructure allows integration of all things electric such as vehicle charging stations and heat pumps – when you are ready.

Why Insight Distributed Energy?

Why Insight Distributed Energy?

IDE has experience with critical electrical energy infrastructure.
IDE‘s microgrid system is customized to provide agile solutions for specific commercial and industrial business needs.
IDE handles everything from engineering design to installation, system maintenance, and financing.

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